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ATVing at North Country Rivers, Maine

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ATVing at North Country Rivers, Maine

Camera.Canon EOS 10D
File Formats.JPG
Location.North America.United States.Maine.Bingham.North Country Rivers
Photographer.Joseph Lojko (Photographer)
Subject.Activities.Off Roading
Subject.People.Family.Tomsheck.Mark Tomsheck
Subject.People.Friends.Leventhal.Jodi Leventhal

Copyright 2008 Joseph Lojko
File: Rafting0128.JPG
Size: 3,072x2,048 Date: 7/08/2008 10:58 AM
Camera: Canon EOS 10D
Aperture: F 6.70 Exposure: 1/250 s ISO: 100
Focal Length: 200.00 mm
Flash: Flash did not fire, auto mode


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